Team Photo Gallery

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(All photos by Ken Snyder Racing, except where noted)

For 1998, 1999 and 2000 photos, please stop by Chelsea Snyder Racing, and click on the Photo Gallery!


1980 Oldsmobile Starfire GT - Solo II "G" Stock:

The Starfire at GSA waiting to run
Display shot, taken at event #2, 1997.

Ready to get on the course at event #2 (GSA Complex,5/26/97) (40k)

Finishing course at Heartland Park - note drag strip finish line in background (event #3) (30k)

On the front straight at Lakeside Speedway, event #5 (30k) KC Region SCCA

Going the wrong way (for NASCAR) at Lakeside Speedway (38k)

At the 25th Annual SCCA Solo II Nationals - Rookie Class of '97 (25k)
Photo courtesy of Rupert Berrington

Another photo from the 1997 SCCA Solo II Nationals (30k)
Photo courtesy of Jack Puryear Photo Design - Digital Race Photography

Finishing the course at the Kansas City Solo Championships - a day I'll never forget (23k)
(Info here)
Photo courtesy of Richard Davidson, Sr.



"Grace", our NASCAR Street Stock 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass (Eventually to be SCCA RallyCross®):

"Grace" at I-70 Speedway, 1994
Picture from I-70 Speedway,1994.
(Photo by Chuck Stowe)

Leading two other cars going into Turn 3 at Lakeside Speedway, 1994. (22k)(Photo by Skip Richardson)

Pictures Available of Work In Progress on Grace on the Picture Archive Page!



The "Elfie C.", our 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 - Chargers Division:
(All photos by Skip Richardson)

The "Elfie C." at I-70 Speedway, 1992
Coming out of turn 4 at I-70 Speedway,1992.

Driving high in turn 1 to pass the #13 of Steve Brown. (19k)

I-70 Speedway

Diving under the steaming #71 of John O'Neal, Jr. (20k)

Low in the corner under the #71 of Don Marrant. (282k)

On the high side of the #00 of John Burkin. (266k)

The "Elfie C." at Lakeside Speedway, 1992
Another picture from 1992,this time from Lakeside Speedway,coming out of Turn 4.

Tucking low in Turn 3 at Lakeside Speedway, 1992 to stay in front of Paul Petesch (#25)(19k) Lakeside Speedway

Running with the pack into turn 3 (32k)

Low in turn 3 with the #3 and #62 (282k)

Leading the #21 in turn 3 (276k)