NOTE: Due to budget issues and other personal projects we will probably operate a very limited schedule for the near future. Please check the Newsgram for the latest information.

tachometer "Spend money on a RACE CAR? I'm sure it's too expensive for us!" Wrong! You would be surprised just how little it can cost to become a member of our team as a highly valued sponsor. For your advertising budget, we can provide great value. Compared to other forms of advertising, we feel that we can, in most cases, either meet or beat their results in a targeted market. Studies have shown that participants and spectators at racing events support those who support racing. Tap into this growing market with us!

Advertising with Ken Snyder Racing goes far beyond your name on our cars. We work to provide as much positive exposure for our sponsors as we are able. With our Internet site, and the various disciplines of racing we're involved with, we add a dimension to our marketing opportunities few teams in Kansas City can offer.

Some of the other exposure routes we plan to use are:


The mere sight of a race car will attract attention on it's own, but what sets apart a true marketing opportunity from just a display of a car is how the viewers are handled after the initial contact. We make sure to be as accessible as possible, from merely saying "hello, thanks for stopping by" to actively passing out information or samples of the product we are promoting, to encouraging "hands-on" inspection of the car (we promise it won't break). Good public relations work is something that we believe in, not only for our advertisers, but for our team and the sport of auto racing in general.

We realize that without partners in marketing our efforts cannot be as effective so we place a high value on keeping our advertisers informed and involved.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. It will be a privilege and a pleasure to find a plan that works for you.