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December 2020

It's been awhile since you heard from me, long overdue for an update.

A lot has changed since I last updated the Newsgram. Some were good, some not so good, but for the first time in a long time things are looking better. In January 2016 Chelsea's health took a turn for the worse, leaving her permanently disabled. My workload increased and that pushed other projects back as could be expected. In October 2017 I started a new career, and that has improved things for us financially - now big-ticket projects are back in the schedule (namely, our house renovation work). In May 2019 I retired from the Air National Guard, so now I don't have to include duty weekends and deployments in my schedule.

Even with the pandemic looming over us in 2020 I was able to get several items at the "other" house (renovation) scratched off the list. One that was truly welcomed was to pour the concrete floor for the barn (conversion to the first stall of the garage) - this was definitely a "big ticket" item, concrete is not cheap. We won't be occupying this garage anytime soon, but having this part done means that sometime next year we'll be able to utilize this space to make room in the house for additional renovation work, speeding that project along.

Another area we made great strides in was with A/Q Wiring Service. We started working with Asylum Race Cars to install wiring in their dirt-track Modified race cars, and several of their cars were race winners. They have many more cars in work now, so I will have plenty of wiring to do!

We've had a plan in place regarding a return to competition, and we're sticking to it: a few more "big ticket" house renovation items; a complete rebuild/upgrade to our truck situation (for hauling the trailer), and upgrades to our trailer - then we'll truly be ready to start building a car for our return. I have an idea of where that will be, but we're still too far away to make a solid announcement. Rest assured, 2021 looks to be a year of further improvements!

I'll do what I can to keep this updated, and thanks again for your support.

Take Care!