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March 2017

I know, I know -- I wanted to update this more often, but life happens.

So far, I'm not much closer to resuming the racing than I was last year. Because I found a lot of the pictures on the "Archive" page (and more), have a far better scanner and software that does a far better job at editing I revised and added pictures. In doing that I realized just how long it's been since I was able to do any work on the race cars. It still will be a little while before anything gets started, but I have a clear plan on how to get there. Like I last posted, I need to get the support system (truck and trailer) in place, get us well on our way to moving into the house I'm renovating (if not moved in already) and have ample space to operate so this doesn't get bogged down and runs efficiently.

While I work throught these challenges I plan on remaining active in local SCCA operations. I have been given the honor to be selected to serve as a member of the Kansas City Region SCCA Board of Directors. In this capacity I hope to contribute even more to the success of the Club that has given me so much enjoyment.

Because of the multiple Air National Guard deployments there hasn't been much work on the A/Q Wiring Service side either, but I remain available should the call come that someone needs our help.

Please continue to support local racing -- even though I have my disagreements with certain facilities I want to see racing thrive locally, and to do that they need participants and spectators.

I'll do what I can to keep this updated, and thanks again for your support.

Take Care!