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1992 - The "Elfie C."(NASCAR Chargers):icon

Pictures from I-70 Speedway:

Pictures from Lakeside Speedway:


1994 - "Grace"(NASCAR Street Stock):icon

Picture from I-70 Speedway:

Pictures from Lakeside Speedway:


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1997 - Starfire GT (SCCA Solo II):1980 Starfire GT


1998/2003 - "Grace" (SCCA RallyCross®/SCCA Solo):icon

Grace, before going to the shop:

At the shop:

After returning from the shop, and before disassembly for sandblasting and repainting:

Grace in progress (taken 12 December 2000):
NOTE: in these pictures, some of the new sheet metal looks like it has something on it -- it does.  It's the protective plastic that comes on the colored side of the aluminum sheet, and will be removed when we paint the car.  Honest.

Fender flares, part 1 (January, 2001)

Fender flares, part 2 and other work (December, 2001)

More on fender flares and other work (December 2002/January 2003)

With the change to preparing for SCCA RallyCross competition, please check back for new "in-progress" pictures.