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This car, named after my father Calvin Snyder (1928 - 1997), is still in the "concept" stage.  This particular car has changed several times as the ideas have been thought out pertaining to just what we would be allowed to do within the rules in SCCA's Solo Series.  As it stands right now, this car will be built (from a 1969 Cutlass) into a Hurst/Olds clone utilizing SCCA's "update/backdate" rules for the Classic American Muscle - T class.

"CAM-T" is a class offering cars of this genre a place to play in Solo events.  We're hoping that there will also be opportunities for us to participate in PDX (Performance Driving Experience) events with the car, which are held more as speed contests on road courses versus the handling contests of Solo, but we'll run either type as time allows.

Preliminary stats for Project Calvin are on our autocross page, and more details will be available as soon as possible in the Newsgram.