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This project, named after my father Calvin Snyder (1928 - 1997), has changed several times as the ideas have been thought out pertaining to just what we should do as a tribute to him.  After a long thought process, I decided the best way to honor my dad would be to reflect more of what he was, and how he shaped me into who I am today.

Project Calvin is going to be the 1985 GMC truck project that will pull the trailer used for hauling all the subsequent projects. After all, how better to honor my dad than with what he did for a living -- drive trucks, hauling freight for several trucking companies for nearly all of his adult life.  Dad owned two "squarebody" GM trucks, a 1976 and a 1981 -- there will actually be parts of his 1976 Chevy truck installed as a part of the Project Calvin GMC.

Because my main experience is with Oldsmobile-powered vehicles, Project Calvin will have an Olds powerplant and a Turbo Hydra-Matic® transmission.  This is easy due to the usage of the Olds Diesel engine in some of these trucks in the late 1970s.  I have located the correct frame pads for the Olds engine, so it's "Rocket Power" for getting us to the events.

Preliminary stats for Project Calvin are as stated below, and more details will be available as soon as possible in the Newsgram.


Project Calvin - 1985 GMC:


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