Look Into The Future With Ken Snyder Racing


So, what do you plan to do next?  Once we have Grace running we want to look at restoring Elfie C. for vintage events, whereever that may be.  We believe that she can be made to run again, all it will take is some more time - and money.............

One thing we don't want to do is try to juggle construction of more than one car at a time.  We've done that before, and didn't get much to show for our effort.  Besides, we will need to have additional garage space for another car.

Once Project Calvin has been finished and raced, we'll also turn our attention towards a dedicated "C" Prepared class autocross car, probably built from a mid-80's Cutlass Supreme.  "CP" is known for some really spectacular competition among some of the most powerful cars in autocross, 450 to 500 horsepower monsters on massive road-racing slicks.  Again, we'll be the oddball out there campaigning the Olds power, but we like it that way -- it doesn't hurt to get exposure for being different, as long as you eventually get competitive!

CP Cutlass rendering

We may someday look into a first-class SCCA GT-1 car, possibly one built from one of those former ASA AC/Delco series cars. I'm not interested in the "crate engine" class they usually run in, but they are a good, solid chassis so that part of the equation would be worked out already.

Right now, we have a "spare" 1972 Cutlass that was originally intended to be a parts car for Grace.  After looking at it, we decided it's in pretty good shape and think it would make a good "test bed" for some street suspension and autocross projects planned down the road.  Once we're done with the testing, it might serve as a platform for some drag racing.

These are just a few ideas about our long-term goals.  Like the cars' specifications, they are always subject to change  All of this depends on how we do with what we have available already, any sponsorship funds and changes in the local racing scene.  One thing for sure -- we're nowhere near the end of this journey yet!