Look Into The Future With Ken Snyder Racing


So, what do you plan to do next?  Once we have Project Calvin running we will do some upgrades to our trailer or replace it altogether. At that point we will have all our support system in place, so the work on Project Grace can get started.  One thing we don't want to do is try to juggle construction of more than one project at a time.  We've done that before, and didn't get much to show for our effort.  Besides, we will need to have additional garage space for another car.

Once Grace has been finished and is running in RallyCross, we'll probably buy a second set of wheels and try our hand at autocross with her. Eventually we want to build a dedicated autocross car, using lessons learned from putting Grace on an autocross course.

At some time after Grace is running we want to look at restoring Elfie C. for vintage events, wherever those may be.  We believe that she can be made to run again, all it will take is some more time - and money.............

Someday we might look into a SCCA GT-1 car, possibly one from the old Trans-Am series.  That's just speculation at this time, we have a lot of other projects to work out before that.  At some point it would be fun to have a dedicated drag race Cutlass/F-85/442, that too is still too far off for much speculation.

These are just a few ideas about our long-term goals.  Like the cars' specifications, they are always subject to change  All of this depends on how we do with what we have available already, any sponsorship funds and changes in the local racing scene.  One thing for sure -- we're nowhere near the end of this journey yet!